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"I hope our words inspire, encourage, and help you to know the reality of His joy every day. I love my blog friends and have so enjoyed hearing from so many of you. Be blessed today!"

Recognizing the message of Golden trees (and cherished, seasoned friends!)

“Teach us to number our days that we might present to you a heart of wisdom.”

Signposts of life are surrounding me everywhere I travel this fall. With reminders that we all have a limit to the ability to live a story in life, I see the autumn more clearly than ever before. My life is changing and I must recognize the way that time marches on. I don’t have as much time left to invest love, kingdom messages, and worship of God as I used to have–my children are grown and I cannot take them into my lap, tell them a bedtime story or have them come to me for all their needs, questions or decisions.

We are very close, best of friends, by God’s grace. but now, they help me, counsel me. I wait for their calls–they do not do my bidding anymore. What a season of delight to have had my home full of giggles, discoveries, me being the centerpiece of life. What a gift to be a mother and to embrace the season of raising my children, who are now the best work of my whole life.

With all seasons, God speaks to us through nature and His own visual art. In splendid glory and bursting color, autumn teaches us that life is always changing. Life and this season right now, is about to change. Life passes quickly and the autumn of any part of our lives reminds us that one more year, journey, season is about to pass. Another season is gusting and whirling quickly forward to blow away the leaves and to bring the stark reality of another season, its own beauty and its own limitations.

We will never have this year, this day, this moment in which to invest again—it will be fleeting and over, as one autumn marks another year soon to be past.

The beauty of the dry, dying leaves reminds us that the glory of the season is almost gone, and so we must do our best to cherish the days if we are to be wise.

Today is the day in which I may pour out love,
Serving and touching hearts,
Pointing in this moment of glory, the divine creator.
Teaching what is true and right and good,
Modeling faith, forgiveness, mercy and unconditional love.

The ministry of motherhood must be personal—back rubs, giggles, eyes really seeing into the face and soul of the one being listened to, words of affirmation and trust, and prayers before the throne of God diligently whispered from a heart that knows only He can create the life of Christ inside the very ones I serve…

May we understand, computers and social media waste so much time, cell phones can rob us of the facial expression, the hand held the warm embrace or moment together watching the sunset; chores are never more important than those they serve,  and frenzied activity sucks up time and steals light and life from the real, right in front of us, little one needing the planting of love, and faith, hope and truth—

A real little human being and an adult one requires personal attention as a flower needs real water, over and over again if it is going to bloom to its fullest potential.

When this day is past, I must hope that I have used it well and invested wisely because I will never have it to live over again, and soon, very soon, the autumn of motherhood will remind us, that this season of planting and harvesting is almost over.

I wish you blessings of wisdom as you measure your minutes and days,

Grace as you choose what will last for eternity in the minds and hearts of those who will carry you with them in their hearts the rest of their lives.

Today, I am praying for you, because this day, this season, matters so much.


Tonight, as I upload this, I am giggling, talking, remembering, having fun with my sweet friend of many years of memories, Lynn, and wonderful best friend, Sarah! (They said it was 2 women and a crazy woman–making us squeeze together on the couch where they both massaged my headache away!

3 old friends lynnLynn, Sally, Sarah

Podcasts coming soon! Working on them…….:)


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